quarta-feira, 27 de abril de 2011


Passo a passo para desenhar SPINROSE, meu novo padrão.
How to draw SPINROSE, my new tangle pattern.

PS: OOOOPS!!!While working in the mosaic I found this very similar tangle pattern posted by JO IN NZ some time ago. I think one difference is that SPINROSE is made with just one single line (without taking the pen of the paper). One more reason to keep working on the mosaic. Now is easy to know if someone already posted something similar before. Sorry JO! =D

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  1. I could not find your email, so I have to post this in a comment, but yes, I would love to be included in your Mosaic! *G* Thank you so much for asking.

  2. Great atART! I´ll add your tangles soon!