sexta-feira, 29 de abril de 2011

Some info about the Booklet!

Hi guys, I´m so excited with all the emails and comments I received about the booklet!
So I decided to share with you all the files to download and a video with the tutorial. I´m working on it right now and I think it will be available soon.

Some people asked if I could sell some copies of the booklet and I was wondering if I could and should do that... Since all the drawings were done by me, I thought that wouldn´t have any copyright problem (Please correct me if I am wrong), but as all the little squares has the name of the tangle, and those names were given by each autor, I think it could bring me some trouble or disagreements and I REALLY DON´T WANT TO MAKING ENEMIES HERE!!! So I decided to share my work with you for free, and even though I had a LOT of work drawing and creating the booklet I think I´ll gain more friends doing that, and friends are MUCH BETTER than Money! To fix this FRIENDxMONEY possible problem I decided to create a Donation Button. So feel free to add some funds to my project if you like and use the Mosaic and the Booklet. I would appreciate a LOT your support and for sure it will help me with my work of colleting this pretty little squares.

As soon as I can I will post the tutorial video and the download links for the pages, okay?

PS: OHHH, and another way to help me is posting about the booklet in your blogs!!! =D

3 comentários:

  1. Oooooh! Thank you thank you! I look forward to links. This is fantastic :D

  2. I think selling your booklet is a fantastic idea. I dont think there would be any issues with that, not if you're using my patterns anyway!!
    You're not even showing steps, just pictures for ideas. I for one would rather buy that make my own

  3. Thanks girls! I´m working on it right now.
    Jo, I will study a little about this copyright issue. If it´s really Okay, I think I could sell the assembled booklet for those who prefer to buy.
    I´ll post some news soon.