sexta-feira, 29 de abril de 2011

Some info about the Booklet!

Hi guys, I´m so excited with all the emails and comments I received about the booklet!
So I decided to share with you all the files to download and a video with the tutorial. I´m working on it right now and I think it will be available soon.

Some people asked if I could sell some copies of the booklet and I was wondering if I could and should do that... Since all the drawings were done by me, I thought that wouldn´t have any copyright problem (Please correct me if I am wrong), but as all the little squares has the name of the tangle, and those names were given by each autor, I think it could bring me some trouble or disagreements and I REALLY DON´T WANT TO MAKING ENEMIES HERE!!! So I decided to share my work with you for free, and even though I had a LOT of work drawing and creating the booklet I think I´ll gain more friends doing that, and friends are MUCH BETTER than Money! To fix this FRIENDxMONEY possible problem I decided to create a Donation Button. So feel free to add some funds to my project if you like and use the Mosaic and the Booklet. I would appreciate a LOT your support and for sure it will help me with my work of colleting this pretty little squares.

As soon as I can I will post the tutorial video and the download links for the pages, okay?

PS: OHHH, and another way to help me is posting about the booklet in your blogs!!! =D

quinta-feira, 28 de abril de 2011

The Pocket Booklet! / Livreto de bolso

Today I decided to transform The Great Mosaic of Tangle Patterns into something more portable, so I can have it always around even thought I´m away from my computer. I created this little booklet with all the 162 tangles that are in this moment in the Mosaic. My idea is to add more and more pages as I learn and draw more tangle patterns. I have just to attach the extra pages in the last page and keep doing this as my collection grows. I feel like a child collecting stamps!!!
As you can see in the video below the booklet can be opened in a long string so I can take a look at all tangles in the same time and compare them. I´m so excited with the result that I decide to share it here.

What do you think about it?
 Do you have other cool ideal to bring your tangles with you?

quarta-feira, 27 de abril de 2011


Passo a passo para desenhar SPINROSE, meu novo padrão.
How to draw SPINROSE, my new tangle pattern.

PS: OOOOPS!!!While working in the mosaic I found this very similar tangle pattern posted by JO IN NZ some time ago. I think one difference is that SPINROSE is made with just one single line (without taking the pen of the paper). One more reason to keep working on the mosaic. Now is easy to know if someone already posted something similar before. Sorry JO! =D


Passo a passo para desenhar ROSEIRA, meu novo padrão.
How to draw ROSEIRA, my new tangle pattern.

Mosaic Updated / Mosaico atualizado

More tangles in the MOSAIC today! Now there are 161 tangle patterns!
Mais padrões no MOSAICO hoje. Agora nós temos 161 padrões!

terça-feira, 26 de abril de 2011

Enquanto isso... / Meanwhile...

Eis o resultado de passar 12 dias no hospital com a minha bebê. 
Pelo menos tive tempo de sobra para desenhar e colorir enquanto ela dormia!
That´s the result of being at the hospital for 12 days with my baby. 
At least I had time to tangle and color a lot when she was sleeping!

Mosaic Updated / Mosaico atualizado

Mosaico atualizado! Agora são 137 padrões!
Mosaic updated! Now there are 137 tangle patterns!

Inspiração / Inspiration

Mostro aqui novas aquisições que com certeza irão me inspirar por muito tempo.
Here are some books that I love and will be source of inspiration for a long time, for sure!

O primeiro livro, DACORMAGENTA de RÊ FERNANDES (Editora Synergia) é sobre teoria da cor, assunto que quero estudar há muito tempo e aos poucos de forma autodidata irei dominando. Bem simples de ler, traz muita informação legal e já me incentivou a comprar outros mais aprofundados sobre o assunto.

O segundo A GRAMÁTICA DO ORNAMENTO é um livro secular publicado pela primeira vez no ano de 1856 por OWEN JONES. Esta edição publicada pela editora Senac além de atualizada (óbvio, rs!) tem a vantagem de ter sido feita num tamanho pequeno, bem portátil! As fotos mostram detalhes do livro que tem tanta coisa que até cansa!

Criei uma página aí em cima com as dicas de livros.
Assim que aumentar a minha biblioteca irei postando as novidades!

These are some books that a recently buy here in Brazil. The first one is about Color Theory and the second one has a huge index of patterns first published in 1856 by Owen Jones. It can be found in many languages, I think. You can find a little bit about the books I recommend here.

De volta! / I´m Back! AGAIN!

Estou de volta após 12 longos dias com minha bebê no hospital! Dias de sufoco estes, viu? Por isso não consegui vir aqui e postar como queria, mas pelo menos tive tempo para desenhar um monte de padrões para o Mosaico além de conseguir fazer uns Zentangles enquanto a pequena dormia.
Aos poucos essa semana irei atualizando com novos posts!

I´m back after spendind 12 long days in the hospital with my baby! Though days! That´s why I didn´t came here with new posts. At least I had time to draw a lot of nem tangle patterns for the mosaic and did some Zentangles too. In the new days I will update de blog with new stuff! Come back later!!!

sexta-feira, 8 de abril de 2011

Weekly Challenge #16: MOOKA!

Using Kraft Paper / Usando Papel Kraft

Sempre amei usar papel Kraft nos meus projetos.
Acho que dá um efeito legal, principalmente se fizermos detalhes em branco.
Usei canetas em gel para isso. Gostou?

I´m always using Kraft paper in my projects.
 I think it gives a cool effect, particularly if you use white details.
 I used white jellyroll pens for this one. Did you like it?

Angel in colors! / Anjo em cores!

Colorido com canetas Stabilo.
Colored with Stabilo Pens.

quinta-feira, 7 de abril de 2011

Mosaic Updated / Mosaico atualizado

Como prometido, adicionei 30 novos padrões ao mosaico hoje! Agora são 118 imagens!
As I promised, the mosaic was updated with 30 more tiles! Now we have 118 images!

terça-feira, 5 de abril de 2011

De volta! / I´m Back!

Após uma semaninha fora para organizar a festinha da filhota, estou de volta!
Hoje vou postar uma ZIA que fiz antes na semana passada e que me aguarda para ser colorida!

After one week off (I was organizing my baby´s birthday party) I´m back with this new ZIA - who waits to be colored soon!