sábado, 12 de março de 2011

The Great Mosaic of Tangle Patterns

As a lover of tangles and patterns, I decided to start a collection of all tangles already published and display it all in the same page, so it can be used as an index os patterns as well as a guide of inspiration for all the tangle artists. It can be usefull too for artists who creates nem tangles, as a source of information about similar images already draw by another person. 

My intention here is to collect ready patterns all drawn by me, I´ll keep this as a personal project, as I practice and learn new tangles so It will be a work in process project. I do not intent to collect step-by-steps, althought the majority of the images can link to the website where I found the tutorials for my drawings. If you want your link to be removed from my site, just email me at mafe.mavromati@gmail.com. I do not intent to collect doodle patterns either.

If your create new tangles and want your designs in the Mosaic send me the links for your tutorials. I´ll try to update this Mosaic every week with new designs. The updates will be announced here in my blog.

If you have any question or suggestion email me! 
Please let me know if some mistakes are noticed, as links or tangle names!

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